Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Atmos Hash?

Atmos Hash LTD is a bitcoin mining company operating mining facilities all across the world.

2.  Is Atmos Hash a Real Company?

Yes Atmos Hash LD is a legit company that has been running and operating out of the UK for years, that has recently branched out to Asia and the rest of the world to expand and increase mining power. Our official corporate documentation can be found here:

3.  How do the investments work?

Atmos Hash LTD offers 3 mining contracts to our customers.  Our contracts can be found on the investments page.

4.  How do I sign up?

All you have to do is fill out the investment for to begin a new contract.  Signing up for an account not necessary.  We’ve decided to structure our contracts this way to ensure ease-of-use for our investors.  Once the investment form is filled out, your contract has officially begun.  All of your info and your official contract will automatically be recorded to be kept safe and secure in our database.  Details of these contracts will be accessible at anytime upon request.

5.  Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 from any country in the world is eligible for investment.  Prior knowledge/experience with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are not required, however we do recommend our customers educate themselves on blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

6.  What do I need to invest?

The only thing you need to begin investing and earning is some Bitcoin and a Bitcoin wallet.  Minimum investment is $50 USD.

7.  How many mining contracts am I aloud to have?

Mining contracts are limited, however there is no cap on any individual contribution investment at this time.

8.  When do I start making money?

Mining contracts are not officially started until bitcoin transactions get a minimum 3 confirmations.  After receiving 3 confirmations, mining contracts begin.  Payouts are made daily.

9.  Is my money safe?

Yes.  We operate with maximum security to ensure the safety of the funds of our investors.  Investor confidence and security is our #1 priority at Atmos Hash.

10.  Do I have to provide personal information to invest?

No.  We do not ever require our customers provide sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, or passport details.  Our intentions are to make the process as smooth and easy-to-use as possible.  If you are ever contacted by anyone claiming to be from Atmos Hash asking for this information, please report it to us immediately, and do not respond.

Atmos Hash LTD is a fully registered legal corporation.  Corporate documentation can be found here:

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